Thursday, May 21, 2009

Another Summer

This week has been full of award ceremonies and Honor Awards and I just can't help but glow from my children's accomplishments! The same kids that have moved so many times, changed schools so often (mainly Lillie Barnes) and has survived breast cancer with me. I am amazed at their tolerance of life in general and their ease at getting through the tough times and making every opportunity to be their best and have great attitudes.

Lillie Barnes in particular. She has always been very independent and has never liked much attention. I have tried in the past to put her in dance or some other type of "southern mom" activity but listened to her when she said no. She has changed schools 5 times and still she was honored today for A Honor Roll, Great Artist Award, Math Connections and last but not least the title of Young Georgia Authors Award for all of Troup County. This means that out of @ 1200 Second Graders, SHE was the best writer! I was just beaming and did an extra "WOO HOO" when they announced her name. She is solid. I couldn't be prouder. The funny thing is that the class judged everyone on a class award and she won "best storyteller"! Kind of goes with the writing thing but when I went to Trip's Pre-K Program they awarded him the same thing!

I guess in their young lives they have had the experiences of meeting many new people, watching their parents pack like crazy (which may have helped with organizational skills), and have had a lifetime full of love and support...I can only pray that moving forward in a stable environment that they can continue to excel. I am so proud of both of them, and as they already know...I am their biggest fan!

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  1. i love hearing about your family, they are amazing. they are so fortunate to have such a wonderful mom!